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Embed an AJAX based file uploader to any WordPress based website. It is shortcode based, which, when placed within pages, generates the file uploader button. Users have the option to delete, if they have made a mistake. You can then  find the files that your users have uploaded in your media library.

How to add Shortcode to your WordPress editor

Step 1 – Install the Tektonic Solutions File Uploader plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 2 – Settings: From the plugin page, underneath Tektonic File Upload, click on settings. On this page you can set the types of file you would like to accept such as PDF, TXT, PNG, MP4, etc.  and which kind of progress bar you would like, bar or circular.

Step 3 – Copy the shortcode below :

Drop the files or click in the box below

       Step 4 – Add a Shortcode block. In the WordPress editor (eg: Gutenberg, Elementor),  goto Widgets, select the Shortcode block and put it where you want the Upload button to appear on your page.

      Step 5 – Paste shortcode into your WordPress editor, save and publish the post or page.

      Step 6 – Check your website to make sure the button is where you want it. You may need to adjust the position, padding or margins.


      1. The file types can be changed at any time
      2. Two types of progress bars – circular and bar
      3. Users can delete a file immediately after they upload it
      4. The progress bars can also be hidden as a whole
      5. All files go into the sites media library


      • WordPress – 4.7.0 and above
      • PHP – 5.6 and above

      Need help in troubleshooting? 

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