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  • programming & styling
  • intuitive static & dynamic sites
  • fast & reliable
  • based in London

tektonic solutions Services

We can build everything from highly complex, interactive WordPress websites to simpler sites. We always make sure that the user finds it easy and intuitive to use your website. 
We have a fast and reliable team. A simple site might take only a couple of days, but a very complex site might take several weeks.
We do responsive styling for desktop, tablet and mobile.  

Our expert team have produced tutorials on how to use all the tektonic solutions plugins and other interesting and helpful information. 

Our range of plugins in both free and pro versions makes using WordPress easier to use and quickly adds more functionality to your website. 

tektonic solutions Portfolio

tektonic solutions Team

Julian Darley

Julian has been coding and making websites sites for 30 years. He is methodical and rigorous. 

Julian has led the technical departments of several large international websites.

Celine Rich

Celine will help you get you WordPress site up quickly and easily. She is a whiz with implementing themes. 

Celine  is your go to person for all your admin and business questions.

Sagar Gurnani

Sagar is a seasoned professional who has been using WordPress for over 10 years. He is an expert in both building and integrating plugins.

Raphael Darley

Raphael is our apprentice.

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